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Teltron GmbH

Teltron was a medium-size electronics company in München (Germany), that produced secure speech solutions for the police and other law enforcement agencies in the days of analogue two-way VHF and UHF radio, selling rebatched (OEM) as well as in-house developed equipment.

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With the introduction of digital two-way radio, such as Tetranet, many law enforcement agencies in Europe abandonned analogue radio and, hence, the voice scramblers and other secure voice products that were used with such radios. As a result, Teltron GmbH lost most of its turnover and was eventually dissolved in 1988. The name 'Teltron' is used by several other companies, both in Germany and abroad, which are not related to the former Munich-based crypto manufacturer.

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Teltron equipment on this website
SP-612 voice scrambler - front panel
Teltron SP-810
Teletron TVC-9000 military voice encryptor
TVC 9000
Teltron TVC-9003 portable voice encryptor
Teltron TVC-9004 telephone voice encryptor
Teltron SP-850
Two-dimensional voice scrambler for carphones
Known Teltron equipment
  • 12SD900 time-domain scrambler (1975)

  • DS-510 Time Code Generator (Zeitgebergruppe) NSN 5895-12-186-8060 (1981)

  • SP-601
    Simple time-domain voice scrambler (1972).

  • SP-612
    Mobile time-domain voice scrambler (1975).

  • SP-810A Secure Voice Equipment
    Medium security protection of voice on VHF and UHF radio networks, using time domain scrambling. Different user groups allows by using plug-in card.

  • SP-812 Secure Voice Equipment
    Medium security protection of VHF and UHF radio channels. Can be built inside the radio and is compatible with the SP-830.

  • SP-815A and SP-815DX Secure Voice Units
    Two-dimensional scrambling: 16-unit time domain scrambling and programmable frequency inversion, delivering a total of 512 code programs that can be stored in a plug-in module. External selector with 16 settings, plus internal selector with 32 settings. Late-entry sync.

  • SP-830
    Details currently unknown.

  • SP-850
    Two-dimensional voice scrambling unit, built into a universal microphone/speaker combination, so that it can be used on any existing VHF/UHF radio. Offers 16 external code settings and 32 internal ones. Specifications like SP-815A/DX.

  • Telsec 02
    Two-dimensional voice scrambling for analogue carphones.

  • TVC-9000 Voice Encryption unit
    Two-dimensional voice scrambling for HF, VHF, UHF and satellite links with 1015 code programs (107 external keys and 108 internal ones). In green die-cast aluminium enclosure. 12/24V DC version.

  • TVC-9001 Voice Encryption Unit
    Same as TVC-9000 but for 110/220V AC.

  • TVC-9003 Portable Voice Encryption Unit
    Same as TVC-9001, but built inside a briefcase. This device is similar or identical to the Telsy TDS-2003.

  • TVC-9004 and TVC-9004QD Voice Encryption Unit
    Same as TVC-9000/9001, but for use with telephone systems. Uses VOX for quasi-duplex operation (QD). Similar (or identical) to Telsy TDS-2004.

  • Hagenuk TG-1001M
    RTTY Fax Demodulator. Built for Hagenuk and used by the German Navy (Dundesmarine).
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