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Telsy is a manufacturer of information and communication security equipment, based in Turin (Italy). The company started the development of secure voice equipment in 1971 and is still in business today (2012) selling a variety of digital solutions for voice, fax, data and storage (see below). Some of Telsy's encryption devices were sold by other companies as OEM products.

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Telsy cryptographic products on this website
Telsy TS-500 secure voice terminal
Telsy TDS-2003 portable voice encryptor
Telsy TDS-2004 telephone voice encryptor
Telsy TDS-2004M mobile voice encryptor
Telsy TX-900s mobile phone encryptor
Telsy TX-1020C narrow-band radio voice encryptor
Telsy Cryptophone 7000
OEM products
Teltron SP-810 secure voice terminal
Gretacoder 103 telephone voice encryptor
Gretacoder 104 mobile voice encryptor
Thomson TCR-7700 cryptophone (1991)
TCR 7700
Teltron TVC-9003 portable voice encryptor
TVC 9003
Teltron TVC-9004 telephone voice encryptor
TVC 9004
In February 2012, Telsy donated three of their historical crypto devices to Crypto Museum: a TDS-2003, a TDS-2004M and a TX-900s. These devices have meanwhile been described in detail on this website. We wish to thank Telsy for their generous contribution to Crypto Museum.

In April 2012, Telsy donated another two devices: a TDS-2004 and a Cryptophone 7000 from the early 1990s. Both devices are fully operational and are described in detail on this website. Once more we should like to thank Telsy for their kind gesture and support to Crypto Museum.

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