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SE 90/40
Abwehr spy radio set - wanted item

The SE 90/40 is a espionage transmitter/receiver developed in 1938 and manufactured at OKW-Aussenstelle Berlin-Stahnsdorf 1 for use by the German Security Service, the Abwehr, where it was introduced in 1939. From 1942 onwards, the sets were produced by OKW Aussenstelle Wurzen.

The complete radio set consists of an S-90/40 transmitter, an E-90 receiver and a power supply unit (PSU). It was generally supplied in a common suitcase from within it could be operated, but the units were sometimes issued separately.

The image on the right shows the E-90 receiver.
E-90 receiver

  1. OKW = Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (Supreme Command of the Armed Forces) in Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Aussenstelle = Outpost.

This page acts as a placeholder for future information about this radio set. Crypto Museum are currently looking for a complete SE-90/40 spy radio set. If you have one available, please let us known.
E-90 receiver
Transmitter   S-90/40
This is the largest part of the SE-90/40 and is built around two valves: a CC2 for the oscillator and an RL12P50 for the power amplifier. The frequency can be freely adjusted between 3.5 and 8.5 MHz divided over two bands, but other frequency ranges are also known.

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S-90/40 transmitter with Italian front panel

  1. Louis Meulstee, SE 109/3
    Wireless for the Warrior - Volume 4. Retrieved August 2016.
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