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Teletron TE-704
Short-wave receiver - this page is a stub

TE-704 was a professional solid-state short-wave double-conversion communications receiver, developed around 1976 by Heinrich Pfitzner GmbH in Bergen Enkheim (near Frankfurt am Main, Germany) and marketed under the brandname Teletron [4]. It is suitable for the reception of radio signals in the 10-600 kHz range and from 1.5 to 30 MHz, with a resolution of 10 Hz, in A1A, A3E, F1B, F1C and F3C. It has a 1st IF frequency of 75 MHz and a 2nd IF of 30 kHz [1]. 1

The TE-704 can not be tuned continuously with a rotary dial. Instead, the desired frequency has to be entered on the front panel, by means of 7 lever-operated thumbwheels. The receiver was succeeded by the more advanced TE-712, which was developed a year later, in 1977.

  1. At the time, these were common IF frequencies in professional receivers from Pfitzner and Telefunken.

  • TE-704 A
  • TE-704 C
  • TE-704 C - F/FS
This page is a stub
This page currently acts only as a placeholder for the circuit diagram of this receiver, which shows great similarity with that of the KE-30 Stay-Behind short-wave receiver. For additional information, please search the internet for Teletron TE-704, or click any of the links below.

  1. Teletron TE-704, circuit diagrams and PCB layouts
    Heinrich Pfitzner GmbH. Date unknown, but probably mid-1980s. 1

  • Frequency
    10 kHz — 600 kHz, 1.5 MHz — 30 MHz
  • Resolution
    10 Hz
  • Mode
    A1, A3, F1, USB, LSB
  • BFO
  • Filters
    LSB/USB: 2350 Hz, A1/A3/F1: 300 Hz, 800 Hz, 6000 Hz
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