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Teletron TE-712
Short-wave receiver - this page is a stub

TE-712 was a professional solid-state short-wave double-conversion communications receiver, developed around 1977 by Heinrich Pfitzner GmbH in Bergen Enkheim (near Frankfurt am Main, Germany) and marketed under the brandname Teletron [3]. As the successor to the TE-704 it is suitable for the reception of radio signals between 10 kHz and 30 MHz in 1 Hz steps, in A1, A2, A3, F1, F4, USB, LSB. It has a 1st IF frequency of 75 MHz and a 2nd IF of 30 kHz [1]. 1

The TE-712 was intended as a military intercept receiver, and was used for radio monitoring purposes and intelligence gathering in the 10 kHz - 30 MHz frequency range. The unit is housed in a 19" rackmount case and weights approx. 20 kg. At the time of its introduction in 1977, it had a price tage of DM 50,000 (approx. 25,000 Euro) [2].

  1. At the time, these were common IF frequencies in professional receivers from Pfitzner and Telefunken.

  • TE-712 B
    This is the standard model that was used by the German and French services. Frequencies can be stored in the internal memory and the device can be remote controlled. According to [3] there was a variant of this model that had an overload indicator, but no internal memory. It is believed that this variant was used by the German Weather Service.

  • TE-712 S
    This version has a reduced functionality. Compared to the TE-712B, it has only 6 filters, no notch and spur filters, no Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) and no diversity mode. Furthermore, it does not offer the F1 and F4 modes.
This page is a stub
This page currently acts only as a placeholder for the circuit diagram of this receiver, which shows great similarity with that of the KE-30 Stay-Behind short-wave receiver. For additional information, please search the internet for Teletron TE-712, or click any of the links below.

  • Frequency
    10 kHz — 30 MHz
  • Resolution
    1 Hz
  • Mode
    A1, A3, A3, F1, F4, USB, LSB
  • BFO
  • CAG level
    5dB/s, 50 dB/s, 500 dB/s, manual
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