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Precision microwave receiver - this page is a stub

MSR-903 is a precision microwave surveillance receiver for signals in the 1 - 16 GHz frequency range, developed around 1980 by Micro-Tel Corporation in Hunt Valley (Maryland, USA). It was was intended for use by signals intelligence organisations for interception of point-to-point links and data, such as the telemetry of Buran, the Russian equivalent of the Space Shutte, in 1983 [1].

The image on the right shows an MSR-903D, complete with the external 1-18 GHz tuner assembly. At its introduced in the early 1980s, he receiver was considered an ITAR 1 item, for which a special export licence was required.

In 1981, a West-German citizen was arrested in the US, for attempting to smuggle an MSR-903 out of the US, with the intent to sell it in the (then) Easter Block country of Hungary [3]. In the event, several people got arrested and indicted.
MSR-903D with separate 1-18 GHz tuner [4]

The German magazine Der Spiegel reported on 26 December 1983, that several people had been arrested in Germany in connection with the case, on the suspicion of smuggling hi-tech western military equipment to the Eastern Block. According to the article, the MSR-903 was built to listen to military satellites as well as to Air Force One, the US President's technology-packed jet [5].

According to an anonymous contributor [1], the receiver was used by the US Army to intercept telemetry signals during the early test flights of the USSR/Russian space shuttle Buran. Although the exterior of Buran showed great resemblance to the US Space Shuttle, it was in fact a fully Russian design, that was able to land fully autonomously on water or on a standard runway [2].

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