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Micro-Tel was an electronics company based in Hunt Valley, Maryland (US), that was established in 1962 by Dick Fink (later with Bill Richardson). The company specialized in high-end microwave receivers that were mainly intended for the US Goverment and the US Department of Defense. During the 1970s and 1980s, Micro-Tel became known for their range of precision receivers.

During its lifetime, Micro-Tel was taken over several times and is also known as Adams-Russell Micro-Tel Division (1980), MA/COM (1989), MA/COM SIGINT (1999) and Tyco (1999). They are currently owned by Cobham Defence Electronics (2008) and are trading as CDES SIGINT.

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Microtel equipment on this website
Micro-Tel PR-700 surveillance receiver
Precision microwave intercept receiver
Portable microwave surveillance receiver
Percision microwave receiver
Precision surveillance receiver
1200-series wide range SHF receiver
Known Microtel equipment
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