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Manufacturer of tape recoders

Stellavox was a manufacturer of reel-to-reel 1 magnetic tape audio recorders, founded in 1955 in Hauterive (Switzerland). The recorders were known for their mechanical quality and were used in the television and motion picture industry as an alternative to Nagra recorders. The company also produced a range of miniature tape recorders that became very popular with intelligence services.

In 1993, the company was liquidated, after the owners had decided that the company could not keep up with the development of computer-based audio recording, and that there was no longer a potential for traditional Stellavox products. The rights to the Stellavox product lines were taken over by the Swiss audio company Sonosax [1].

  1. Also known as 'open reel'.

Stellavox recorders on this website
Fi-Cord 101 miniature open reel tape recorder
Fi-Cord 303 miniature open reel tape recorder
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    Retrieved September 2020.
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