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Covert Recorders
This section deals with recording devices that were (or are) used for covert operations by law enforcement agencies, security agencies and intelligence-gathering services (espionage). The equipment can be used for a variety of purposes, such as covertly recording a conversation, tapping telephone lines, bugging a room and collecting incriminating evidence from a suspect.

 Index of covert recorders

Covert recorders on this website
Lorenz Textophon
Minifon Mi-51, the first wire recorder from Protona
Minifon P 55, the successor to the Mi-51
Minifon Ataché, the first all-transistor tape-based Minifon
Minifon Special, a wire recorder for the secret services.
Mohawk Midgetape 544 (BR-1)
Nagra SN high-end miniature tape recorder
Nagra 'Crevette' data logger for torpedos
Sub-miniature professional-grade body wearable tape recorder developed for the FBI
Nagra PS-1 playback unit for JBR tape cassettes
Nagra CBR digital Covert Body Recorder
Yachta (Soviet clone of Nagra SNST)
Soviet covert wire recorder MEZON
Concealed microphones
Report 4000 S
UHER Universal 5000
Radio Trevisan RT-2000 law enforcement telephone intercept recorder
AEG Telefunken M-36
Nagra 4.2 professional open-reel audio recorder
E-120 Mini Corder and U-120 Transcriber
Harddisc recorder used by FSB
Nagra CCR covert recorder at the size of a credit card (no image available)
NEVO FX credit card recorder
Nevo Deep embeddable remote-controlled minature recorder
Nagra high-end miniature audio recorders
Monske & Co
Protona Minofon
Stellavox miniature open reel tape recorder
UHER audio recorders
Gedion / Nevo
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