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ANT Nachrichtentechnik GmbH
ANT, or ANT Nachrichtentenchnik, was a German company that specialized in development, marketing and sales of information and intelligence equipment. The company originally started life in 1949 as Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (AEG) and was renamed several times, first in 1955 as Telefunken, until in 1983 the name ANT Nachrichtentechnik GmbH was adopted.

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At that time ANT, who was still partly owned by AEG-Telefunken (51%) became part of a consortium made up of Bosch, Mannesman and Allianz. After that, the company was renamed, merged and acquired a few more times until in 2000/2001 the company was split up and sold off. The Telecom division went to Marconi and later became Telent, whilst the satellite division was first renamed to Tesat-Spacecom and was later sold to EADS Astrium. Marconi Mobile was later sold to Finmeccanica and is now known as Selex Communications GmbH (Backnang).

Some equipment featured on this website was partly developed or marketed by ANT. Some equipment was initially (partly) developed by Telefunken but was moved to ANT when AEG-Telefunken sold its remaining shares and the company became known as ANT (see below).

 ANT equipment on this website

1949 - AEG Fernmeldetechnik GmbH
The company started life in 1949 when AEG Fernmeldetechnik (Telecommunications) moved from Berlin to Backnang, just north of Stuttgart (Germany).

1955 - Telefunken GmbH
In 1955, they were joined by AEG's radio-link department, that moved from Ulm to Backnang. From that moment on, the company used the name Telefunken GmbH.

1967 - AEG Telefunken AG
In the 1967, the name of the company is changed to AEG Telefunken AG and on the 1st of March that year an aerospace division is founded.

1982 - AEG Telefunken Nachrichtentechnik GmbH
In 1982, the company is changed from an AG (Plc) into a GmbH (Ltd) again and the name is changed into AEG Telefunken Nachrichtentechnik GmbH. AEG-Telefunken remains in charge as the majority shareholder with 51%. The remaining 49% is in the hands of a consortium consisting of Bosch, Mannesmann and Allianz.

1983 - ANT Nachrichtentechnik GmbH
A year later, AEG-Telefunken sells its 51% to the other three shareholders, and the company is renamed to ANT Nachrichtentechnik GmbH. Bosch, Mannesmann and Allianz are now the owners of ANT.

1995 - Bosch Telecom GmbH
ANT Nachrichtentechnik GmbH is transformed into Bosch Telecom GmbH and becomes a full 100% daughter of the Robert Bosch group.

2000 - Bosch Satcom GmbH / Marconi Communications GmbH
Five years later, in 2000, the aerospace division is separated out into an idependent company called Bosch SatCom. The remaining Telecom division is sold to Marconi and is divided over Marconi Communications GmbH and Marconi Mobile GmbH.

2001 - Tesat-Spacecom GmbH & Co.KG
Shortly afterwards, in November 2001, the name of Bosch Satcom is changed into Tesat-Spacecom GmbH &Co.KG and a month later, in December, it is acquired by EADS Astrium. This part of the company is still trading as Tesat-Spacecom today (2012).

2006 - Telent GmbH
In 2006 the name of Marconi Communications GmbH is changed into Telent GmbH and the company specializes as systemintegrator and technology service provider. Since 2011, Telent GmbH has become part of the Euromicron Gruppe and is still trading as Telent GmbH today (2012).

2005 - Selex Communications GmbH
In 2005 Marconi Mobile GmbH was bought by the Italian Finmeccanica consortium and became Selex Communications GmbH, a full daughter of Selex Communications S.p.A. in Rome, which in turn is part of Selex SI (now: Selex ES). This part of the company is still located in Backnang (2012).

Known addresses
  • ANT Nachrichtentechnik GmbH
    Gerberstraße 33
    71522 Backnang
    Phone: +49 (0)7191-13-0

  • Selex Communications GmbH
    Spinnerei 48
    71522 Backnang
    Phone: +49 (0)7191-378-0
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