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Teletype Corporation, abbreviated Teletype, was an American manufacturer of teleptypewriters, also known as telex machines, based in Skokie (Illinois, USA). The company was founded in 1928 after renaming the Morkrum-Kleinschmidt Company — itself established in 1902 — to the name of its trademark equipment: Teletype. The company was part of Western Electric (WE) and was merged into AT&T in 1930. Nevertheless it remained an independent operation. After AT&T was split-up in 1982, Teletype was gradually wound down and was finally dissolved in 1990 [1].

The company is well-known for its range of 5-level (ITA-2) teleprinters (telex machines) and associated peripherals, that were used worldwide by telecom providers like AT&T Bell. In the 1960s and 70s the company also produced a range of 8-level ASCII (ITA-5) teleprinters that were used as input/output terminals for the first generations of mainframe and mini computers.

Although Teletype was a registered trademark, it is often used as a generic expression for tele­typewriters and teleprinters. In modern computer operating systems, such as Unix and Linux, simple (virtual) terminal access to the command line — typically via serial or network port — is commonly referred to as the TTY protocol or the TTY port.

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Teletype Model 14
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Punched paper tape reader BRPE-110
NOT IN COLLECTION — At present, Crypto Museum does not have any Tyletype equipment in its collection. We do however hold documentation of several Teletype devices in our archives. This page and its sub-pages serve as a repository for documentation and other information about various Teletype models and peripherals.

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