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Creed & Company Limited, abbreviated Creed, was a British telecommunications company founded in 1912 by Federick George Creed and Harald Bille — two pioneers in the field of tele­typewriters (teleprinters). In 1928 it was merged into the International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation (ITT) [1]. During WWII, Creed manufactured some of the Typex cipher machines.

The company was initially known as Creed, Bille & Company Limited, but after Danish telegraph engineer Bille died in a railway accident in 1916, his name was removed from the company title. During WWI that company produced high-quality instruments such as amplifiers, spark-gap transmitters, aircraft compasses and parts for bombs. In 1924, Creed entered the teleprinter market with the Creed Model 1P, soon superceeded by the Model 2P. In 1928, Creed was merged with ITT, which is why the ITT name appears on some of the manuals.

Creed teleprinters on this website
Creed Teleprinter Model 6S
Creed Teleprinter Model 7 and Model 8
Creed Teleprinter Model 54
Creed Teleprinter Model 75
Creed Teleprinter Model 444
Known Creed teleprinters
Year Model Remark
1924 1P First Creed teleprinter model
1925 2P Improved version of 1P
1927 3 Gummed paper strip teleprinter with Murray code (Baudot)
? 6S Punched paper tape reader
1931 7 Page teleprinter
  7B 50 baud page teleprinter
  7E With overlap cam and range finder
  7/TR Non-printing reperforator
1954 54 Page teleprinter
1958 75 Page teleprinter
1948 85 Printing reperforator
? 86 Printing reperforator for 7/8" tape
1966 444 Page teleprinter (GPO type 15)
1981 23B  
  • Creed
  • Creed, Bille & Company Limited
  • Creed & Company Limited.
  • ITT Creed Limited
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