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Stay-behind in Germany
West-German stay-behind organisations during the Cold War - this page is a stub

  • Berlin Operations Base (BOB) — Pastime (West-Berlin)
  • Karlruhe Operations base (KOB) — Kibitz (Karlruhe)
  • Pullach Operation Base (POB) — Organisation Gehlen (OG)
  • Bund Deutscher Jugend (BDJ)
  • Technische Dienst (TD)
  • BDJ-TD
  • Geheime Widerstand
  • Gruppe 27
  • 404/III (LAFBw) 1
  • LAFBw
  1. Paramilitary special unit of the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), operating under the legend Lehr- und Ausbildungsgruppe für das Fernspähwesen der Bundeswehr (LAFBw) — translated: teaching and training group for the special reconnaissance units of the German Army.

Known radio equipment
Telefunken ESK-52 (made the French intelligence services)
4-piece (or 2-piece) valve-based spy radio set
FS-8 (KSG-Sender) (transmitter) developed by the BND in 1957
German spy set SP-15
BN-48 (UHU) backup receiver
German spy set SP-20
Telefunken spy set FS-5000
 Other German spy-radio sets

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