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Spy receivers
Receivers used for clandestine reception

Not all spies and agents had a transceiver at their disposal. In practice, many agents only used a receiver for the reception of coded messages. In some cases, the agent used a domestic receiver in combination with a purpose-built clandestine transmitter. This part of the website lists various receivers that were used for the reception of clandestine transmissions.  Other receivers

World War II
The UK Type 36/1 (MCR-1)
Norwegian Receiver Type 31/1 (Sweetheart)
Polish OP-3 (Type 30/1) WW-II clandestine receiver
RBZ receiver (WWII)
Swedish built clandestine WW-II receiver (used by Norwegian resistance)
Portable Communications Receiver (PCR)
Radione R3 receiver
National HRO receivers
Homemade receiver used by the Ordedienst (OD) in the Netherlands during WWII
Clandestine midget receiver with three 'acorn' valves
Radio Oranje (Radio Orange)
Cold War
Belgian post-war version of the UK Type 36/1 (MCR-1), made by MBLE (Philips)
Rion spy radio set
Mk. 301 Receiver
BND short-wave converter
CIA receiver RR/E-11
FE-8 (BN-58) short wave receiver
BN-48 (UHU) backup receiver
RR-49 receiver
A-610 SEZHA miniature receiver (USSR)
LW/MW/SW pocket receiver
Mk. 328 Receiver
Zenith Royal 1000 Trans-Oceanic receiver
Barlow-Wadley XCR-30 world receiver (500 kHz - 30 MHz)
Czechoslovakian VHF or UHF bug receiver
Ilmenau 210 tabletop radio receiver
VEB Sternradio Sonneberg (DDR) - Sternchen
PLUTO receiver
Sony ICF-2001D receive, used in the West by Soviet spies
Sony ICF-7600DS digital general coverage receiver
Sony ICF-PRO70 travel radio
Sony ICF-PRO80 travel radio
Sony ICF-SW1, LW, SW, MW and UKW receiver
Panasonic RF-015 AM/FM pocket radio
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