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Cold War
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R-394   Strizh
Self-contained spy radio sets with burst encoder · USSR

R-394, codenamed Strizh (Russian: Стриж), 1 was a family of spy radio sets, developed between the mid-1970s and the mid-1980s in the former Soviet Union (USSR), and used for a variety of clandestine activities, including Special Forces (SF), behind-enemy-lines operations and agent-centre communication. The devices were also used by other members of the Warsaw Pact.

  1. Стриж (Strizh) is the Russian word for swift (bird).

Family members on this website
R-394 K (Strizh-K)
R-394 KM (Strizh-KM)
R-394T (Strizh-T) - based on R-394KM
Known family members
Model Name Year Remark
R-394K Strizh-K 1975 Field use, analogue PLL, analogue burst encoder
R-394D 1 Strizh-D 1980 2 Field use, analogue PLL, digital burst encoder
R-394KM Strizh-KM 1983 Field use, digital PLL and burst encoder
R-394T 1 Strizh-T 1983 Agent use, adapted from R-394KM
R-394TS Strizh-S ? Similar to R-394T
R-394TSM Strizh-SM ? Similar to R-394T
  1. This suffix has not yet been confirmed.
  2. Estimated.

  1. Louis Meulstee, R-394K(D)
    Wireless for the Warrier. Volume 4. Supplement Chapter 157. January 2019.
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