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Telefunken Racoms HF-7000
A family of Tactical Radios - wanted item

HF-7000 was the name of a family of Tactical Radio Systems, developed in 19941 by Telefunken Racoms in Ulm (Germany) for use by Special Forces (SF) and Rapid Reaction Forces (RRF) [1]. The family consists of an HF Radio Unit HRU-7000, Power Amplifier PAU-7400, Antenna Matcher ATU-7000, Terminal Crypto Unit TCU-7000 and several other modules and accessories.

Copyright Telefunken Racoms. Image taken from brochure HF Gerätefamilie 7000 [2].

The image above shows the HRM-7000 manpack radio with a detached message entry device, called the Terminal Crypto Unit, TCU-7000 XP. The TCU shows great resemblance to the Digital Storage Unit (DSU) of the FS-5000 radio station, that was developed Telefunken in 1985 for Nato Special Services [1]. The FS-5000 was used by various stay-behind networks in Europe and even in the US, and became known as HARPOON. Although the TCU has many improvements over the original DSU, it is backward compatible with the FS-5000.

The HRM-7000 was designed for high-speed communication with a base station, such as the BS-7010 or the earlier BS-5000. Messages are sent at very high speed (2000 baud) over a narrow-band HF radio channel. It takes a maximum of 0.8s to send a 55 character message [4].

The Telefunken HF-7000 family should not be confused with the HF-7000 military radio system from Harris, that is also used for tactical military communication in several countries.

  1. According to the Telefunken website [1] the HF-7000 family was developed in 1998. However, this can not be correct as the FS-5000 technical manual [4] from 1994 lists various members of the HF-7000 family, and in particular the HRM-7000, as compatible with the FS-5000. That means that the 7000 is from 1994 or earlier.

  • HRU 7000
    HF Radio Unit
  • PAU 7400
    400W HF Amplifier
  • ATU 7000
    Automatic Antenna Matcher
  • BPU 7000
    Battery unit
  • TCU 7000
    Terminal Crypto Unit
  • APU 7002
    Accumulator Power Unit
  • VCH 7000
    Vocoder Crypto Handset
  • ACU 7002
    Battery Charger
  • PSU 7000
    Vehicle Power Supply Unit
  • TMK 7000
    Tactical Antenna Mast
  • HRM 7000
    Manpack Radio
  • HRM 7400
    Mobile Radio (400W)
  • HRM 7000
    Mobile Radio (30W)
  • DPA 7000
    Dipole Antenna
  • EKS 7000
    EKASUS Frequency Management System
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