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Interception of wired communication

This section is about receivers that are made for intercepting communication sent over wires, such as analogue telephone conversations. Such receivers are commonly known as wire tapping devices. Tapping a telephone line is not straightforward, as a device that is connected in parallel with the wiring can usually be detected quite easily. As wire tapping is also known as bugging, some of these device are also listed in our section about covert listening devices (bugs).

Wire tapping
Lauschempfänger (intercept amplifier) LE-35
Lauschempfänger (intercept amplifier) LE-40
Verstärker 41 (amplifier 41)
Drahtlauschempfänger (klein). Wire tapping device (WWII).
CIA wire tapping device for on-hook telephones (1960)
Lawful analogue telephone intercept system developed by the Dutch PTT
Telephone call analyzer
RACOM 2816P Dialled Number Recorder (DNR)
Radio Trevisan RT-2000 law enforcement telephone tap recorder
Mobile tapping
Intercept receiver for carphones on the Dutch analogue ATF-1 mobile network
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