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Henk Veeneklaas
Professor doctor and resistance fighter - this page is a stub

Gerrit Menne Hendrik (Henk) Veeneklaas (21 February 1909 - 1 August 1991) was a Dutch military doctor/nurse before and during World War II. He was also a resistance fighter during the war and was dropped in occupied Netherlands on 9 September 1944 on behalf of the Bureau Bijzondere Opdrachten (BBO), the Dutch equivalent of the Special Operations Executive (SOE), during which time he was known under the aliases David van Eyck [1], Dokter X and Dokter V.

After the war, Veeneklaas established himself as a well respected pediatrician who introduced a variety of new treatments in The Netherlands. In 1951 he was appointed professor of pediatrics at the University of Leiden (Netherlands).

Veeneklaas is also one of the founding fathers of the secret Dutch Stay-Behind Organisation (SBO) Operatiën en Inlichtingen, or O&I, that existed during the Cold War from 1946 to 1992. With the lessons learned from WWII, it was his idea to establish a secret underground movement that could be kicked into action in the event of a war with the Soviet Union (USSR), something that was considered extremely likely at the time [1].

He presented his ideas to Prins Bernhard, who put him in contact with Louis Einthoven, another former resistance member who had become the head of the Bureau Nationale Veiligheid (BNV, now: AIVD), the civil Dutch Intelligence Agency. Einthoven allowed him to form the post-war equivalent of the BBO, which would later become known as the O-service of the O&I organisation.

 Stay-behind organisation O&I

Henk Veeneklaas later in life when he was a professor at Leiden University

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