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Rudolf Staritz
Abwehr radio operator - this page is a stub

Oskar Friedrich Rudolf 1 (Rudi) Staritz (Ziegenrück, 11 December 1921 - Bamberg, 24 July 2021), was an Electronics Engineer (German: Dpl. Ing.) and amateur radio operator with callsign DL3CS. During World War II (WWII) he worked for the Abwehr, were he was a wireless radio operator and helped with the development of German spy radio sets. After the war, he worked for the German Post Office (Bundespost), collected spy radios sets and published many articles on the subject.

  1. Most of his first names were unknown, even to his closest relatives [1].

  1. Arthur Bauer, Rudi's Corner
    1 October 2021, updated 12 October 2021.
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