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Wandel & Goltermann - this page is a stub

Wandel & Goltermann, abbreviated W&G, was a German manufacturer of high-end electronic equip­ment, such as radio receivers, amplifiers, signal generators, and measuring equipment. The company was founded on 23 November 1923 by Wolfram Wandel and Ulrich Goltermann, and was based in Reutlingen (Germany). W&G also made equipment for the German intelligence service Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) and for the Cold War European stay-behind organisations (SBO).

In 1999, W&G merged with American competitor Wavetek, and in 2001 with TTC Test Equip­ment to form Acterna. In 2005, Acterna was acquired by JDS Uniphase Corporation (JDSU), who turned the company into a manufacturer of broadband test solutions and optical products. In 2015, JDSU was split into Lumentum and VIAVI Solutions. The latter is a continuation of the old W&G.

Wandel & Golterman products on this website
BN-58 (FE-8) receiver of the SP-15 (and SP-20) spy radio set
BN-48 (UHU) backup receiver of the SP-15 spy radio set
RT-3 burst encoder
  • Name
    Wandel & Goltermann
  • Abbreviation
  • Founded
    23 November 1023
  • Founders
    Wolfram Wandel, Ulrich Goltermann
  • Headquarters
    Reutlingen (Germany)
  • Successors
    TTC, Acterna, JDSU, VIAVI Solutions
  • Active
  • 1923
    Founded in Reutlingen (Germany), based at Gartenstraße 4
  • 1929
    Moved to Wilhelmstraße
  • 1932
    Noved to Karlsplatz
  • 1944
    Introduction of 4-tone gong
  • 1945
    Broadcast equipment, home receivers and car radios
  • 1948
    Communications measurement technology
  • 1949
    First measuring equipment introduced
  • 1950
    First export of measuring equipment to Swiss and Dutch Post
  • 1954
    150 emplyees, new factory in Eningen
  • 1960
    Start of worldwide expansion
  • 1975
    Management taken over by Frank Goltermann and Albrecht Wandel
  • 1990
    Decentralisation of management and development
  • 1998
    1600 employees, DM 500 million turnover
  • 1999
    Fusion with Wavetek
  • 2001
    Fusion with TTC, renamed Acterna
  • 2005
    Acterna acquired by JDSU
  • 2015
    JDSU split into VIAVI Solutions and Lumentum
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