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Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek - this page is a stub

Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast-Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), abbreviated TNO, is an independent not-for-profit research organisation that focuses on applied science, headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands.

The organisation was established in 1932 and fulfils the role of innovator on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. In addition, it is entrusted with government responsibilities related to defence and security, workforce participation and Geological Survey. Knowlege can be shared with the public sector by means of licencing, patent sharing and research contracts.

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Former Dr. Neher Laboratory of the Dutch PTT
Interface between the old and new communication networks of the Dutch Armed Forces
Ecolex II, developed by PTT, manufactured by Philips Usfa
Assist-PSU for Siemens T-100 teleprinter
Testing of the Spendex 50 (DBT) military secure crypto phone
The timeline below show the history of TNO. Althoug the organisation was officially founded in 1932, its history starts in 1927 with the establishement of Meetgebouw (measurement building). At the start of World War II (WWII), in 1940, at the request of the Dutch Navy, TNO's radar pioneer Ir. Von Weiler moved to the UK, taking with him the first Dutch developments in the field of radar. During the war, Von Weiler worked in the UK at the Admiralty Signals Establishment (ASE) [3].

One year into World War II (WWII), in 1941, TNO's Physics Laboratory (PhL) was placed under the state-owned telecom provider PTT, which at the time was under control of the German occupant. In 1943 it was placed under the Centrale Werkplaats (CWP) — the Central Workshop of the PTT.

After the war, TNO's former Physics Lab was split in two parts: the Central Laboratory, which remained with the PTT, and the old Physics Lab which became part of the Ministry of War. The latter was re-established in 1947 as the independent State Defence Organisation RVO-TNO. Von Weiler returned in 1946 and was assigned to the Scientific Research Office of the Dutch Navy and later to the Naval Radio Service (MRD) in Oegstgeest. The latter evolved in 1950 into the Navy's Laboratory of Electronic Development (LEO), which was renamed renamed LEOK in 1955.

In 1984, the Electronics Research Lab of the Dutch Navy (LEOK) was merged with TNO again, to become TNO-FEL. In 1955, the Central Laboratory of the state-owned PTT had been renamed Dr. Neher Laboratory which, after the privatization of PTT in 1989, became KPN Research. In 2003, KPN Research was split-off from KPN and was merged with TNO Telecom. Today, all individual subsidaries (RVO-TNO, TNO-FEL, TNO-Telecom, etc.) are united under the generic TNO brand.

Known address
  • Amsterdam
  • Bergen op Zoom
  • Brussel (Belgium)
  • Delft (4)
  • Eindhoven (3)
  • Geleen
  • Groningen (2)
  • The Hague (3)
  • Helmond
  • Leiden
  • Petten
  • Rijswijk (2)
  • Soesterberg
  • Utrecht
  • Zeist (2)
  • Yokohama (Japan)
  • Defence, Safety & Security
  • Mobility & Built Environment
  • ICT, Strategy & Policy
  • High Tech Industry
  • Healthy Living & Work
  • Energy & Materials Transition
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