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Technical Communications Corporation, commonly abbreviated to TCC, is an American company and manufacturer of military-grade secure communications systems and customised solutions, for voice, data and video information or a range of networks. The company was founded in 1961 in Concord (Massachusetts, USA) – where it still is today – and became a public company in 1970.

TCC corporate logo. Copyright TCC [1].

TCC was an early player in the field of voice scramblers, and holds no less that 17 patents in the field of secure communications. Furthermore, the company claims to have developed 17 crypto­graphic algorithms [1]. In 1995, TCC acquired the assets of the American crypto firm Datotek from its (then) owner AT&T. At present, Crypto Museum has no TCC objects in its collection.

Known patents
  • 1971
    Privacy communications system
  • 1973
    Voice privacy device
  • 1980
    Voice privacy system with amplitude masking
  • 1981
    Secure communication system with improved frequency-hopping arrangement
  • 1983
    Secure facsimile transmission system using time-delay modulation
  • 1984
    Privacy communication system employing time/frequency transformation
  • 1998
    System for encoding encryotion/decryption information into IFF challenges
Current address
  • Technical Communications Corp.
    100 Domino Drive
    MA 01742-2892

    Phone: +1 (0)978-287-5100
  1. TCC, A history of expertise, legacy of innovation (1961-2016)
    Retrieved December 2019.
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