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Secunet Security Networks AG, commonly written in lower case as: secunet, is a manufacturer of security solutions for computer and data networks, with its head office in Essen (Germany). The company was founded in 1996 and is especially known for its range of SINA network encryptors, that were developed on behalf of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) [A].

Secunet company logo. Copyright Secunet Security Networks AG [1].

SINA products on this website
SINA bulk encryptor for IP-based networks
SINA Communicator H
SINA Communicator H (red)
Known Secunet products
25 years Secunet
Source: YouTube, Photoagentur Roth (2022) [2].

  • 1997
    Secunet founded
  • 1999
    SINA launched
  • 2003
    Start of SINE Workstations
  • 2009
    Secunet eID PKI Suite introduced
  • 2014
    First secunet easygate installed
  • 2018
    Secunet Konnektor introduced
  • 2019
    Secustack founded (joint venture with Cloud&Heat)
  • 2021
    SINA Communicator H introduced
  • 2022
    25th anniversary
    Secure networking in the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)
    Acquisition of SysEleven cloud intrastructure
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