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RFT Funkwerk Dresden
VEB Robotron Meßelektronik · Otto Schön

VEB Funkwerk Dresden was a publicly owned company (VEB) in the city of Dresden during the times of the former DDR (East Germany). The company was founded under Russian occupation immediately after WWII, in 1945, and was initially known as Radio H. Mende & Co. Dresden. In 1948, it became a Volkseigener Betrieb (VEB) and was renamed to VEB Funkwerk Dresden [1]. As the company was also part of the RFT consortium, it was also known as RFT Funkwerk Dresden.

Initially Funkwerk Dresden contentrated on the production of radio receivers for the domestic market, with bulk production starting in 1951. In 1962, the production of radios is cancelled and moved completely to Stern-Radio Staßfurt. From that moment on, the company concentrated on the production of measuring equipment and two-way VHF radio communication systems.

In 1969, Funkwerk Dresden was merged with the VEBs, Vakutronik and Schwingungstechnik und Akustik Dresden, after which it went on as VEB Meßelektronik Dresden (abbreviated as MKD).

A few years later, in 1972, the name 'Otto Schön' was added to the title and the company became known as VEB Meßelektronik 'Otto Schön' Dresden. This name lasted until the company was merged in 1979 with the large VEB consortium 'Robotron', after which the name was changed to VEB Robotron-Meßelektronik 'Otto Schön' Dresden. On 30 June 1990, after a variety of problems in the supply chain, the company was dissolved in the light of the reunification of Germany [2].

This was by no means the end of electronics and measurement technology in Dresden. Following the closure of Meßelektronik Dresen, a variety of smaller and larger companies was established. Nearly 30 new companies with three or more employees were founded in and around Dresden [2].

RFT Funkwerk Dresden equipment on this website
Covert 2-way FM radio transceiver for concealed use and surveillance
This company is known under the following names:

  • 1945
    Radio H. Mende & Co. Dresden.
  • 1948
    VEB Funkwerk Dresden
  • 1969
    VEB Meßelektronik Dresden (MKD)
  • 1972
    VEB Meßelektronik Dresden 'Otto Schön'
  • 1979
    VEB Robotron Meßelektronik 'Otto Schön' Dresden
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