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Wilhelm Quante
Quante was an independent German manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, founded in 1892 by locksmith Wilhelm Quante. The company survived WWII and was renamed several times. In many respects, Quante can be seen as one of the pioneers of the telecom industry, especially in Germany. At the height of its success (1999), just before it was taken over by the American 3M (2000), the company had an annual turnover of 700 Million DM (350 Million Euro), a profit of 10.9 Million DM (5.4 Million Euro) and 2400 employees on its payrol. Quante partly lives on as QFM.

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Wilhelm Quante St.Sg.52 (Germany)
The company was founded in 1892 by locksmith Wilhelm Quante and was initially based in Elberfeld (Germany), concentrating on the manufacture of heating devices. Af few years later it started to take on repair jobs for telephone and telegraph lines of the German Post Office (Kaiserlichen Post). In 1910, the name was changed to Fabrik für Telegrafenbaumaterialen und Apparate and later to: Wilhelm Quante Spezialfabrik für Apparate der Fernmeldetechnik [1].

Quante AG
During World War II (WWII) (between 1942 and 1944), Quante used female convicts from Russia and Ukraine, but not much is known about this period. In 1967, the name of the company was changed to Quante Fernmeldemontagen GmbH (Quante Communications Manufacturing Ltd). In 1988 the company was changed to a Publicly Listed Company (Plc), and entered the stock market on 22 March 1991 as Quante AG.

In 2000, Quante AG was taken over by 3M and became a subsidary of 3M. After a restructuring in 2003, the company's premises in Wuppertal was given up and was moved to Neuss (Germany) [2]. The activities have since been integrated with 3M's and the name Quante gradually disappeared.

In 2005, after a management buy-out (MBO), Quante Fernmeldemontagen GmbH was established. The new company specialises in the field of cableing, networks and maintenance. In 2007, the company was renamed once again, and is now called QFM Fernmelde- und Elektromontagen GmbH [1]. With offices in Berlin, Hamburg-Norderstedt, Wuppertal and Sindelfingen (Germany), and over 200 employees (2013), they are still in business today (2022) [3].

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