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The Marconi Company was a UK-based manuafacturer of electronic equipment, founded by and named after the Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi. The company is best-known for its range of radio communication equipment, mainly for the defence industry, made during the 20th century.

The company was founded on 20 July 1897 as Marconi's Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company. In 1898, they opened the world's first radio factory in Chelmsford (UK) and were responsible for a range of important inventions in the field of radio and television. In 1946, Marconi was acquired by English Electric and underwent a series of reorganizations. In 1968, English Electric was in turn taken over by General Electric Corporation (GEC), where Marconi continued to exist as the primary defence subsidary of GEC, under the name Marconi Electronic Systems (MES).

In 1999, GEC underwent a major reorganization and Marconi Electronic Systems (MES) was sold to British Aerospace, changing the name to BAE Systems. The Marconi brand name was kept by GEC and was renamed to Marconi plc. Eventually, after a series of restructuring, a new company, Marconi Corporation plc, was established.

In 2005, the Marconi brand name, and most of the assets, were taken over by Ericsson (Sweden) who now uses it for branding their OMS line and their Long Haul Digital Radio System. The parts of Marconi that were not taken over by Ericsson have since been renamed Telent plc.

The former Marconi Electronic Systems (MES) (i.e. the manufacturer of defence equipment) went on as {?GEC-subsidary BAE Systems, which has since become part of the Italian multi-national conglomerate Finmeccanica (now: Leonardo), together with other members of the former group.

Marconi equipment on this website
The UK Type A Mk. III (A3)
Scimitar Fill Gun
Personal Role Radio (now sold by Selex)
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