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Bio Solutions Ltd - Lithuania

Gedion Ltd. is a developer of covert listening devices for law enforcement organisations, based in Vilnius (Lithuania). The company specialises in miniature audio surveillance and location tracking devices, such as the NEVO range of miniature audio recorders, that are used by intelligence and police organisations around the world. Gedion/Nevo can be regarded as a competitor of Nagra.

The company is registered in Lithuania as Bio Solutions. As its surveillance products are only sold to the law enforcement community, the website offers very limited information. Note that its products are also available through a worldwide network of dealers, such as Law Abiding Technology (LAT) in Delhi (India).

Gedion equipment on this website
NEVO FX credit card recorder
Nevo Deep ...
Known products
Known address
  1. Catalog 2017, Special audio and GPS tracking devices
    Gedion, 2017.

  2. Pricelist 2017
    Gedion, August 2017 (valid until 1 November 2017).
  1. Ears and Eyes, Gedion
    Visited 28 May 2023.
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