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Fox-IT is a Dutch IT-company with a strong portfolio of security and intelligence products. The company is trusted by governments, agencies and major organizations worldwide, has a presence in many countries and employs over 150 people (2012). Since 2015, Fox-IT is part of NCC Group.

Fox-IT started in 1999 as the first digital investigation agency in Europe. The company was founded by Ronald Prins and Menno van der Marel, who both had a background in Digital Forensic Investigation and in hacking security systems at the Netherlands Foresensic Institute (NFI). In 2011, Fox-IT was in the news worldwide for investigating the security breach at the Dutch Certification Authority (CA) Diginotar, caused by Iranian hackers.

Apart from conducting digital forensic investigations and security audits, Fox-IT has developed a series of products for the protection of state secrets. In 2003, the company bought part of the legacy of Philips Crypto in order to get access to technology for the protection of state secrets, such as the GCD and GCD-Φ crypto chips and the V-Kaart Project (which later became the FFFE).

Fox-IT equipment on this website
Fort Fox File Encryptor
RedFox encyption module
SINA bulk encryptor for IP-based networks
Known products
  • 1999
    Founded by Ronals Prins and Menno van der Marel
  • 2001
    First Security Operations Center (SOC) in Europe
  • 2003
    Part of Philips Crypto taken over
  • 2006
    Threat Intelligence Research Centre established
  • 2015
    CTMTM launched at RSA
  • 2015
    Fox-IT becomes part of NCC Group
  • 2019
    Strategic partnership with Dutch Ministry of Defense
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