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Engineering Research Associates, abbreviated ERA, was a pioneering computer firm, founded shortly after WWII, in 1946, by William Norris and Howard Engstrom, based in St. Paul (Minesota, US) [1]. The company became famous for their numerical computers and drum memory systems, and was secretly a major developer and supplier of cryptanalytic equipment to the AFSA/NSA. The company was taken over in 1952 by Remington Rand and merged into their UNIVAC department.

The origins of the company date back to World War II (WWII), at which time a group of engineers worked for the US Navy's code-breaking division, known as the Communications Supplementary Activity - Washington (CSAW).

ERA products on this website
HECATE cryptanalytic machine developed for AFSA/NSA
WARLOCK I and II cryptanalytic machine developed for AFSA/NSA
Known ERA products
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