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Delco Electronics Corporation - this page is a stub

Delco Electronics Corporation, abbreviated Delco, 1 was an automotive electronics design and manufacturing company, based in Kokomo (Indiana, USA) [1]. Founded in 1909 by former NCR employees Charles Kettering and Edward A. Deeds, the company manufactured Delco automobile radios and other electric products, for cars produced by the General Motors company (GM).

In 1962, GM created the General Motors Research Laboratories, which was later merged into Delco Electronics and renamed Delco Systems Operations. During the Cold War, Delco also manufactured covert equipment for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (see below). In 1997, following a major restructuring at GM, Delco was dissolved and the various business units were merged with the activities of other manufactures such as Raytheon and Hughes Aircraft.

The commercial activities of Delco were transferred to GM's Delphi Automotive business unit, who used the name Delco Electronics until 2004. GM still retains the the rights to the 'Delco' name.

  1. Delco is the abbreviation of Dayton Engineering Laboratories Co.

Delco equipment on this website
AN/PRC-64 and Delco 5300
RR-49 receiver
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