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Cray Research, Inc.

Cray Inc. (Cray), formerly known as Cray Research Inc., is an American manufacturer of super­computers, headquartered in Seattle (Washington, USA). Founded in 1972 as Cray Research, Inc., the company was owned by Silicon Graphics from 1996 to 2000, after which it was acquired by Tera Computer Company. In 2019, Hewlett Packard Enterprise acquired Cray for US$ 1.3 billion. Cray is particularly known for the supercomputers it supplies to the National Security Agency.

The company was founded in 1972 by computer designer Seymour Cray as Cray Research, Inc.  In 1989, Seymour Cray also established Cray Computer Corporation (CCC), which went bankrupt in 1995. Cray Research was acquired by Silicon Graphics (SGI) in 1996, when the latter attempted to transform itself into a supercomputer manufacturer, but was sold off again in 2000 when it had not succeeded. The assets were acquired by Tera Computer Company and renamed Cray Inc.

Cray supercomputers are used for a variety of applications that require high-performance number crunching, such as cryptanalysis and other codebraking tasks. It is known that the US National Security Agency (NSA) and several Western intelligence agencies are amoung its users. Several Cray systems are listed in the TOP500 of the world's most powerful supercomputers [3].

On 25 September 2019, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) acquired the company for the sum of US$ 1.3 billion. Founder Seymour Cray had died of a traffic accident in October 1996, just eight months after he had sold the company to Silicon Graphics (SGI).

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