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Encryption and cyber security

Asperiq is an independent European company that develops, integrates and maintains cyber protection solutions and cryptographically protected communications systems for governments, NGOs and critical infrastructures [1]. The company is part of the Swedish Asperiq Group AB, and has offices in Sweden and Switzerland, and local presence in South East Asia and the Middle East.

Asperiq Group AB was established in December 2017 in Sweden, and is owned by the Swedish entrepreneurs Andreas and Emma Linde [2]. Linde is also the founder of the Swedish Crypto International Group AB. In 2018, Linde bought the assets of the Swiss crypto firm Crypto AG (Hagelin) with the intent to continue its product portfolio as Crypto International AG.

In February 2020, it was revealed by the German, Swiss and American press, that since 1970, Crypto AG had secretly been owned by the Western intelligence agencies BND and CIA, and that the CIA had been the sole owner until the purchase by Linde in 2018 [4]. In the aftermath of the revelations, the Swiss Government suspended the company's export licence, after which Linde layed off 83 of its 85 employees. A day later Linde registered a new company — Asperiq AG — with the Swiss Chamber of Commerce, which became effective on 7 August 2020 [3][5].

Known addresses
  • Asperiq Group AB
    Finngatan 8
    223 62 Lund

  • Asperiq AG
    c/o RA lic. iur. Andreas Derungs
    Alpenstrasse 12
    6302 Zug
    Phone: +41 41 7260088
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