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The Angstrem Group of Companies, commonly abbreviated Angstrem 1 (Russian: Ангстрем), is a Russian manufacturer of electrical, electronic and microelectronic devices, established in 1963 and headquartered in Moscow (Russia). The group has a number of subsidaries and is itself owned and controlled by NPO Angstrem. In 2011, Angstrem employed about 1500 people [1].

The holding company – NPO Angstrem – was founded on 13 December 2006 by Aleksandr Vikorovich Medvedev and Viktor Sergeevich Shilin, and was liquidated on 31 March 2014 [2]. Another holding company by the same name (NPO Angstrem) was founded on 28 February 2011 and is still active today (2023) [3]. It is unknown who the current owners are. During the Soviet era (Cold War), Angstrem made a variety of covert radios for the KGB, such as the Angstrem SN. Angstrem is also the supplier of the AZART software defined radios (SDR) to the Russian MoD.

  1. Also written as Angstrom or Angström.

Angstrem products on this website
R-187-P1 (Azart-P1) military handheld software defined radio (SDR)
Azart-2 military handheld software defined radio (SDR)
Angstrem SN covert radio
  • Angstrom OJSC (Soviet plant)
  • OJSC Angstrom-M (development centre)
  • OJSC Angstrom-T (AMD equipment) - declared bankrupt on 28 October 2019
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