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The Enigma-E was designed as a fund raising project for some very interesting museums. Currently the Enigma-E is only available in the UK and The Netherlands but other countries may follow. Both addresses below do ship worldwide so ordering one shouldn't be a problem. When in doubt, please contact us, but note that we do not supply any Enigma-E kits directly. The Enigma-E and UhrBox-E kits are available from the following supplier(s)s:

Museum Jan Corver
The Dutch Ham Radio Museum, Museum Jan Corver is a small but very interesting museum, located in the south of The Netherlands, dedicated to the history of radio amateurism in that country. They have a large collection of communication devices ranging from WWII to the present day. Museum representatives are also present at the major ham radio events in The Netherlands, and the Enigma-E will be available for sale on their stand. Orders can be shipped world-wide.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information presented on this website is correct, such cannot be guaranteed. Neither the authors (Marc Simons & Paul Reuvers) nor the resellers of the Enigma-E Building Kit, listed on this page, can be held responsible for any loss or damage, financially or otherwise, direct or indirect, resulting from the use or misuse of the information presented here. The suitability of the Enigma-E for any purpose whatsoever, cannot be guaranteed. Please note that the use of encryption equipment may be subject to local law.

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