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Funkhistorisches Treffen 2012
Treffen des Funkhistorischen Interessenkreises 2012

Since 1994, a small German group of people, interested in the history of radio and related subjects, organizes an annual meeting. Traditionally, this meeting is held in a different location each year, which is often a place of historical importance. Last years meeting was in Dessau.

This year, the beautiful city of Dresden was selected and a hotel on the outskirts of the city was used as headquarters. The 3-day event was held from 26 to 28 April 2012 and consisted of a number of lectures, museum visits and trips. Crypto Museum was asked to talk about Enigma.

Dresden and the area surrounding it, has many places of historical importance. The city itself was largely destroyed by the Allied Forces in the aftermath of WWII, but has since been rebuilt completely. It has many historical buildings and a number of very interesting museums.
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On one of our excursions, we visited the Militär Historisches Museum (Military Historical Museum) that has recently been restored completely and has just reopened its doors with an all-new exhibition. The museum has many interesting historical artefacts – including a commercial Enigma machine – but the problem at present is the lack of guidance to the avarage visitor.

Luckily, our organizer Werner Thote had aranged for a personal guided tour by the museum's historian, which made it really worthwhile. A visit to this museum is highly recommended [1].

Also very rewarding was a visit to the Police Signals School in the former DDR (East-Germany in the times of the Iron Curtain). They have a great collection of telephone and radio stuff and demonstrate all kinds of intercept equipment, from telephone taps to state-of-the-art radio bugs. At this occasion, group-member Günter Fietsch gave a nice talk on former DDR radios.
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This year, Crypto Museum was asked to give a detailed talk on Enigma, which was scheduled for the Saturday evening. Although we've given this talk numerous times in Dutch and English, we were a bit nervous as this was the first time we gave it in German. It went very well and we got many positive responses from the audience. Although most of the lectures are only of interest to the male visitors, the Enigma presentation attracted many female guests as well.

A view of Dresden from the Museum of Military History
The beautiful city of Dresden
The German group of radio enthusiasts
Museum of Military History in Dresden
Guided tour
Commercial Enigma machine in the Museum of Military History in Dresden
Police Signals School in the former DDR
Radio bug built into a phone wall socket, as used by the Stasi.

  1. Militär Historisches Museum, Dreseden (Germany)
    Official museum of the German Bundeswehr.

  2. Crypto Museum, Commercial Enigma Machine
    Details and images of Enigma D.
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