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Exhibitiors at the Enigma Reunion 2009
This image shows only part of the exhibitors and organisers that were present at the Enigma Reunion 2009. The picture was taken at the end of the event on Sunday evening, when some exhibitors had already left. Move the mouse over any of the faces reveal the name. Some can be clicked for further information. Browse over the Enigma machines at the front to reveal their model number and click on each of them to obtain further information.

Bob Welsh (USA) David White (UK, Hut 1: Diplomatic Wireless Service) Frederic André (France) Jan-Olof Grahn (Sweden, FRA Historian) Mark Baldwin (UK) David Stupples (UK) Nick Gessler (USA) John Alexander (UK, BP Guide and host of the event) Paul Reuvers (Netherlands, Crypto Museum) Tom Perera (USA) Walter Gruber (Switzerland, Crypto AG) Marc Simons (Netherlands, Crypto Museum) Éamon de Buitléar (UK) Anders Wik (Sweden, FRA Historian) Kevin Coleman (UK, BP Guide and host of the event) Klaus Kopacz (Germany) Michael Graham (USA) Mike F (UK, GCHQ) Kåre Wallman (Sweden) Enigma M4 Enigma A28 Enigma KD Swedish Enigma B Enigma M4 Enigma I Enigma K Enigma I

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