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Schlumberger intercept receivers

Schlumberger Limited is one of the leading oilfield service providers in the world, working for a large number of oil and gas companies. At one time however, the company also produced a wide range of high-end high-performance electronic devices, such as Studio Tape Recorders, HF Signal Generators, Communication Test Sets (Stabilock) and Precision Measurement Receivers.

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Minilock is the name of a series of professional intercept receivers, developed in the 1980s and 1990 by Schlumberger Technologies GmbH in München (Germany). Minilock receivers are extremely sensitive, feature-loaded and accurate. In fact, they are so accurate that they were often used by intercept agencies world-wide for fingerprinting of alien (clandestine) radio signals.

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Minilock 6900, Programmable Precision Measurement Receiver
Minilock 6910, Programmable Precision Measurement Receiver
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