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Model 1200
Wide range SHF surveillance receiver · 950 MHz - 150 GHz - this page is a stub

Model 1200, also known as the 1200-Series, is a wide range surveillance receiver, developed in the mid-1970s by Micro-Tel in Baltimore (Maryland, US). It is a highly linear receiver that covers the frequency spectrum from 950 MHz to 150 GHz, and is ideally suited for spectrum surveillance as well as laboratory use, such as antenna pattern, attenuation and path-loss measurements [A].

The radio has a sliderule-style frequency read­out, with a vertical hairline controlled by a large knob at the centre of the front panel. At the far left of the front panel is a miniature cathode ray tube (CRT) that is used as a spectrum display. At the right is a calibrated signal-strength meter.

The receiver can optionally be expanded with an up-converter, that extends the frequency range down to 10 MHz (accurate down to 20 MHz). At present, only the service manual is available [A].

  1. Model 1200 Technical Manual
    June 1975. Kindly provided by [1].
  1. Anonymous, Micro-Tel 1200 Series technical manual
    Received August 2020.
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