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Microlab/FXR was a US manufacturer of Technical Surveillance and Counter Measures equipment (TSCM), based in Livingston (New Jersey, USA). The company was founded in 1949 as a specialist in RF components. In 1966 it was renamed Microlab/FXR after a merger of Microlab, Bogart and FXR. In the 1970s, the company became known worldwide for their non-linear junction detectors (NLJDs). In 2001 the company was taken over by Wireless Telecom Group (WTG), who sold it on to RF Industries in 2021. The company now specialises in passive and active RF components again.

In the mid-1970s, Microlab introduced the SuperScout non-linear junction detector — a device for finding electronic circuits inside walls and furniture — based on the British Broon. Initially, it was only available to the Governments of the United States and friendly nations, but in 1980, the export restrictions were lifted and a civil version of the SuperScout became available worldwide.

Microlab/FXR equipment on this website
Microlab/FXR SuperScout non-linead junction detector (NLJD)
Known addresses
  • Microlab/FXR
    Ten Microlab Road
    New Jersey 07039
    Phone: +1 (0)201-992-7700 (New Jersey)
    Phone: +1 (0)212-721-9000 (New York)

  • Microlab (A Division of RF Industries)
    25 Eastmans Road
    New Jersey 07054
    Phone: +1 (0)862 328-1101
  1. News Wire Feed, Wireless Telecom Group sells Microlab to RF Industries for $24M
    Light Reading (website), 20 December 2021.
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