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Handic 0016
Digital computer scanner - this page is a stub

The 0016 was a high-quality 16-channel FM microprocessor-controlled scanning receiver, also known as a scanner, marketed by Handic in Sweden. The device is suitable for the VHF-M, VHF-H and UHF bands and has 16 presets. The same unit was also sold by Realistic 1 as the PRO-2001.

Front view of a Handic 0016 scanner. Image via RigReference [1].

  1. The front panel and the colour of the buttons of the PRO-2001 are slightly different.

  • Power
    Mains or 12-15V DC
  • Size
    270 x 260 x 80 mm
  • Weight
    3.7 kg
  • Channels
Frequency bands
  • VHF-M
    68-88 MHz 1
  • VHF-H
    144-174 MHz
  • UHF
    430-512 MHz
  1. Also known as MIDBAND.

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    Handic Bolagen. June 1978.

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