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Bendix ADF-T-12-C
Automatic direction finder - this page is a stub

The ADF-T-12-C is a radio direction finder, manufactured by The Bendix Corporation in Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA). The device covers the LF/MF frequency bands (190-1750 kHz) and was made especially for the aviation industry, where it was used to measure the bearing to a beacon. In the Netherlands, it was also used during the 1970s by the Radio Monitoring Service (RCD), for locating clandestine transmitters (pirates), operating in the MF AM broadcast band.

The Bendix ADF-T12B and C are basically a transistorized versions of the old valve-based Motorola ADF-12. The device was succeeded by the digital ADF-T12D, which had thumbwheels to set the frequency, but was mechanically far less reliable than its analogue predecessors.

  • 2321E loop antenna
  • 551-series servo indicator
Amphenol Blue-Ribbon connector
  1. Sense antenna
  2. Loop shield
  3. Loop input R1 (tin)
  4. Loop input R2 (copper)
  5. Optional Audio Amplifier A
    Dial lamps
  6. Tuning meter (ext)
  7. 47 kHz switching phase 2
  8. Ground
  9. Servo DC output
  10. Spare
  11. 47 kHz switching phase 1
  12. Servo DC output
  13. Headset (500&Omaga;)
  14. DC in
    ADF Servo signal output
  • Power
    12 or 28V (selectable on the rear panel)
  • Frequency
    190-1750 kHz, divided over three bands
  • IF
    140 kHz
Frequency range
The device covers a frequency range from 190 to 1750 kHz, spread over three bands:

  1. 190-440 kHz
  2. 420-900 kHz
  3. 850-1750 kHz
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