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WIM   BID/560/1
One-time tape cipher machine (mixer) - this page is a stub

WIM was a British one-time tape cipher machine that was developed in the UK in 1954 or 1955 as a possible alternative to the Norwegian STK ETCRRM mixer, which was used by a number of NATO countries at the time. WIM was interoperable with the ETCRRM and used the same key tapes. On 18 November 1955, the machine was approved by NATO for the transmission of COSMIC traffic and NATO traffic of all classifications [1]. WIM is also known by the UK designator BID/560/1.

Help required
At present, no further information about the WIM (BID/560/1) is known, apart from the two NATO documents below that confirm its existence [1]. Any further information about this machine would be appreciated.

  1. NATO, Use of the Cryptographic Machine WIM (BID/560/1) by the UK...
    S.G.171/27. 14 November 1955. NATO SECRET.
    Declassified by NATO (date unknown).

  2. NATO, Decision on S.G. 171/27
    S.G. 171/27 (Final). 21 November 1955. NATO SECRET.
    Declassified by NATO on 14 July 1998.
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