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BID/620   EDC
Telex trunk encryption device - this page is a stub

BID/620, or BID/620-EDC, was an automatic data encryption/decryption system, used by the British Army from 1967 onwards, for securing multiplexed (MUX) digital telegraphic data over radio links, also known as Telex Over Radio (TOR). The unit was capable of handling up to four 50 baud data channels simultaneously, with an aggregated throughput of 200 baud. As the system has built-in Error Detection and Correction capabilities (EDC), the abbreviation EDC is often associated with the model number. EDC is also known as Automatic Repetition Request (ARQ).

  1. EDC = Error Detection & Correction.

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At present we have no further information about the BID/620 and related equipment, but several documents relating to the BID/620 and its use are available through the National Archives in Kew (UK). You can help expanding this page by supplying additional information. → Contact us

  • BID/620-EDC
  • BID/620-HU
  • BID/620-HU 20
  • BID/620-HU 120
Related NSN numbers
The following National Stock Numbers (NSN) 1 are known in relation to the BID/620 [1]:

  • BID/620/1
    NSN 5810-99-106-2641
  • PSU (?)
    NSN 5810-99-106-2642
  • BID/620/4
    NSN 5810-99-106-2643
  • BID/620/5
    NSN 5810-99-106-2644
  • BID/620/2 Unit 1
    NSN 5810-99-106-2654
  • BID/620/2 Unit 2
    NSN 5810-99-106-2655
  • BID/620/2 Unit 3
    NSN 5810-99-106-2656
  • BID/620/2 Unit 4
    NSN 5810-99-106-2657
  • BID/620/2 Unit 5
    NSN 5810-99-106-2658
  • BID/620/2 Unit 6
    NSN 5810-99-106-2659
  • BID/620/2 Unit 7
    NSN 5810-99-106-2660
  • BID/620/2 Unit 8
    NSN 5810-99-106-2661
  • BID/620/2 Unit 9
    NSN 5810-99-106-2662
  • BID/620/2 Unit 10
    NSN 5810-99-106-2663
  • BID/620/2 Unit 11
    NSN 5810-99-106-2664
  • BID/620/2 Unit 12
    NSN 5810-99-106-2655
  • BID/620/2 Unit 13
    NSN 5810-99-106-2656
  • BID/620/2 Unit 14
    NSN 5810-99-106-2657
  1. NSN is also known as Nato Stock Number.

ARQ   Automatic Repetition Request
EDC   Error Detection & Correction
MUX   Multiplex
General acronym for multiplexed data signals.
TOR   Telex Over Radio
Also known as Radio Teletype (RTTY). (More)
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    1967. XCT-67-12. The National Archives, Kew (UK), ADM 220/1985.

  2. System control concepts when using BID/620-EDC and the philosophy of operation of the BID/620-EDC
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  3. Report on the BID/620-EDC trial equipment at the UK Termial
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  4. Operating techniques: BID/620-HU 20 series EDC
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  5. BID/620-HU 120 series EDC: operating techniques
    1969. XCT-69-2. The National Archives, Kew (UK), ADM 220/1895.
  1. ISO Parts (website), Military and Aviation Parts
    Retrieved February 2016.
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