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Ruggedized text encryptor - wanted item

TST-2305 was a portable message encryption and decryption device, or electronic message unit, developed in the early 1980s by Tele Security Timmann (TST) in Pöcking (Germany). It was intended for offline and online use, and produced its ouput on a single-line red LED display.

The device is housed in a strong metal enclosure and features a full-size professional keyboard, similar to that of a computer of the same era. The keys at the top row have extra functions – such as INPUT, READ, SEND, DELETE, OPTION and REPLY – that are accessed by holding down CTRL whilst pressing one of the number keys.

At the right side of the device is a socket for connection to peripheral equipment, such as a modem or a radio interface.
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THIS PAGE IS A STUB — This page currently acts as a placeholder for future information about this device. Crypto Museum is still looking for this device in order to expand our collection of TST equipment. If you have such a device available, or if your have additional information, please contact us.
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