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TST 1530
HANDYCRYPT Portable electronic cipher system - wanted item

The TST-1530, or HANDYCRYPT, was a small portable electronic text cipher machine, developed and built in the late 1970s by Tele Security Timmann (TST) in Pocking (Germany). The machine was intended for the civil market and was based on a Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 home computer, modified with a crypto card. Around 1986, the TRS-80 Model was replaced for the Model 102.

The image on the right shows the TST-3550, which was a more advanced version of the TST-1530 that eventually was also based on the same Tandy TRS-80 Model 102 portable computer.

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Bare TST 3550 cipher machine

THIS PAGE IS A STUB — This page currently acts as a placeholder for future information about this device. Crypto Museum is still looking for this device in order to expand our collection of TST equipment. If you have such a device available, or if your have additional information, please contact us.

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