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Key-Tape Puncher - this page is a stub

KTP-3 was a machine for the generation and duplication of random punched paper key-tapes, developed in the late 1950s by Standard Telefon og Kabelfabrik A/S (STK) in Norway.

The machine was designed to create the key tapes for the ETCRRM, the SELMA and the TCE-160. It created two paper tapes simultaneously, and had provisions for verifying the randomness of the generated cipher stream. It is currently unknown how the random key stream was generated (random or pseudo-random).

The image on the right shows a typical KTP-3 machine. At the front right are two supply reels with blank paper tape. Once they are punched simultaneously at the center, they are wound up on the two pick-up reels at the left.
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Click the image above for a closer look. Similar machines were built by Mils in Austria and Philips in The Netherlands. If you have any further information about this machine, please contact us.

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