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Cryptel 240
Telegraphy Cipher Machine - this page is a stub

Cryptel 240 was a cipher machine for telegraphy signals (telex), with a built-in electronic key generator, developed by Standard Telefon og Kabelfabrik A/S (STK) in Norway in 1966. It was based on the proof-of-concept design of the earlier TCE-180 (TROL) that was probably developed to take part in NATO evaluation TROL in the mid-1960s.

The Cryptel 240 contained many improvements over the TCE-180 and used a very strong cryptographic algorithm for the generation of its key stream. It was in fact so strong that the Norwegian Government restricted distribution of the machine to a limited number of customers.

As the machine was not built to military standards, it wasn't suitable for the Army either. As a result, not many Cryptel 240 machines were sold. The machine was succeeded a year later by the improved, but less powerful, Cryptel 245.

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  1. Frode Weirud, Crypto Historian, Personal correspondence
    Crypto Museum, June 2012.
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