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Siemens Crypset 100
Secure Crypto Phone - Wanted item

The Crypset 100 was a secure telephone set with advanced voice encryption, sold by Siemens in Germany in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The unit was developed by Philips Crypto in The Netherlands and was in fact a rebadged version of its PNVX crypto phone for PSTN networks.

The image on the right shows a typical Siemens Crypset 100 phone. In operation it is identical to the Philips PNVX, with the exception of its colour: the Siemens version has a cream body, whilst the philips version is dark grey [1].

Speech is first compressed with an LPC-10 vocoder and then encrypted by a custom-made dual channel crypto unit, allowing full-duplex speech conversations with good voice quality. Data can be sent at speeds up to 2400 baud, using the built-in V.24 data interface. The phone can be used in virtually any PSTN network and via satellite. Some units were still in use in 2009.
Siemens Crypset 100. Photograph taken from the brochure [1]. Click here for more information.

Like the Philips version it uses a smart-card, inserted at the right, for key distribution. For more information, you may download the brochure below, or check our page on the Philips PNVX.

  1. Siemens, Crypset 100 brochure
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