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SINA Communicator H — red
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SINA Communicator H (red) is a secure telephone set, developed around 2021 by Secunet Security Networks AG in Essen (Germany), especially for use by the German Government. The device is based on the black SINA Communicator H and is approved by the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) for communication up to the level of GEHEIM (SECRET).

At present, the differences with the black version of the Communicator H are unclear, but it seems likely that the devices used by the German Government use a slightly different version of the encryption algorithm that is used for communication at the highest level (SECRET).

For further information, please refer to the documents listed below, or to our page about the SINA Communicator H.
SINA Communicator H (red) [3]

German chancellor Scholz
The image on the right shows the red version of the SINA Communicator H installed on the desk of German chancellor Olaf Scholz, as shown in the video of Bild in 2022 [4]. In the video it is suggested that Scholz used it for communication with Russian President Vladimir Putin in regard of the War in Ukraine, but this is not very likely.

The telephone is intended only for secure communication within the German Government, with its embassies abroad and probably with some of its closest allies.
German chancellor Scholz with a red SINA Communicator H in the foreground [4]

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