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UP-2002 (or PKMX-2002) was a software-based Key Management System (KMS), consisting of a software program running on a DOS PC, developed by Philips Usfa BV in 1988. It was used to create 128-bit keys for cryptographic devices such as the Spendex 40, the Spendex 50 and the Aroflex. Such keys consist of 120 key bits, plus an automatically calculated 8-bit checksum appended at the end. The UP2002 program was used for a variety of applications and devices.

The image above shows a screen shot of the main main of the UP-2002 Net Key Program. The program can be used to generate random keys, based on the Real Time Clock (RTC) and a seed variable entered by the user, and automatically calculates the 8-bit checksum. It also allows the user to enter an externally generated key manually, with or without checksum (or: parity).

Keys are usually loaded into a key transfer device, such as the Philips UP-2001 or the UP-2101, via the serial (RS-232) port. Alternatively, keys can be printed onto paper as a Type-39 barcode. This barcode can then be read by means of an HP HBVR-8300 barcode reader connected to an UP-2001. This allows the keys to be sent by courier or by secure fax (e.g. via a Spendex 40). Barcodes can be printed by the UP-2002 software to any EPSON or IBM-compatible printer.

Compatible devices
Spendex-40 secure telephone for voice, fax and computer
Spendex 50 (DBT), military secure crypto phone
Mucolex (UA-8451) Trunk Encryption Device
BVO-M (Mucolex compatible) Trunk Encryption Device
Aroflex UA-8116
Aroflex II cipher machine, also known as PDLX-6141 or T-1285CA
Motorola STU-II/B SECTEL (NATO-version)
Motorola STU-III/R
Any other SAVILLE-based encryption device
Over time, the UP-2002 software has confusingly been given various names, such as PKMX-2002 and CKMS. On this page, the generic name UP-2002 is used. Furthermore, different versions of the software (and the generated keys) were released for different projects and custormers.

The following names are known:
  • UP-2002
  • PKMX-2002
  • NKP - Net Key Program
  • KGS - Key Generation System
  • PNKP - Philips Net Key Program
  • CKMS - Customer Key Management System

  1. Philips Usfa, PKMX-2002 Net Key Program, System Description and Instructions for Use
    9922 154 13682. Date unknown, probably around 1990.
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